Rapid response and resolution of plumbing leaks at your home or workplace

Have your water bills increased recently? A simple water leak may be happening in your house. Not every damaged or broken pipe will cause gallons of water to pour out of the wall. Water leaks can cause significant damage to your house because they are frequently undetectable and might go unnoticed for months at a time. Melbourne Plumbing Services’ team of fully qualified plumbers can fix the leak once we identify it, unlike many other leak detection companies, giving you a total water leak solution. To locate and remedy the leak, give us a call right away, or fill out our online contact form.

Providing accurate and cost-effective water leak detection in Melbourne

Even a tiny leak might result in extensive, expensive property damage. Leaks can, however, conceal themselves in your walls, floor, shower, and many other water sources, much like domestic pests can. There’s no need to be concerned because Melbourne plumbing Services uses the most up-to-date water leak detection technology to find leaks without damaging or digging up your home. We are a certified leak detection business, and our staff is skilled in finding leaks in places like underground pipes and behind walls. Furthermore, we don’t only locate the leaks; we make sure to properly fix them and prevent them from happening again. To find out more about our water leak detection service, get in touch with our staff.

Signs you could have a water leak

Advanced techniques for accurate water leak detection

Using techniques like pipe tracing, camera inspections, audio equipment, sound sensors, and infrared cameras, we can locate a leak. In most cases, your plumber will begin a leak detection job by employing a leak finder equipment with attached headphones. They approach towards the leak while listening for the sound of the source.

When the leak is located, the device sends out a signal, which enables precise position determination. the team at Melbourne Plumbing Services can use a digital camera if the leak is too difficult to locate using audio or is not visible to the unaided eye. We’ll give you a detailed report once the detecting process is complete. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, which include leak detection and


Our leak detection service includes

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